the tittle of the blog came about as randomly, as the rain that day,with every drop on the windscreen the vision got blurred,and in an instant it became a metaphor for life!

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today when i put words to paper
why does it seem scribbling in the ether?
a question
as the mark suggests
the answer though
is hard to elicit
i am alone if that suffices
words dessert if that
is acceptable as premises'
but then somebody's got to read
my lonely lament/that solitary tear
so i put to paper
all that i have always feared
an admission;
my choices have gone awry
alone i stand uncertain/weary
let me reach the pier unknown
with not four to carry and fake 
i shall burn an anonymous soul
it is better to die unknown
than have a "horde of farcical souls"
to proffer that fake lifeless mourn.

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