the tittle of the blog came about as randomly, as the rain that day,with every drop on the windscreen the vision got blurred,and in an instant it became a metaphor for life!

Friday, March 26, 2010


On a searing, parched summer afternoon,
Sheltered in my home,lazying around i
lie stretched on the turf covered with
a walnut wooden layer..
Bright, bloodshot sun rays sieve through
the roman blinds,the air conditioner
bellows gusts of cool air,nostalgia is
so there..

Your swathed memories, omnipresent,
assertive, reluctant to leave..
Maybe once i am asleep;this wave of
thoughts would cede..

Closing my eyes tight, usurping the
bed sheet to hide, i try try try..
Sleep seems perfidious, your thoughts
just do not disappear, tears roll on,
and i cry cry cry.


A shred of land on an obscure distant place.
brick placed on brick, cement sprayed,
slowly and slowly the wall layed takes shape
in delight..
Months of toil and i am finally sheltered
on all four sides, chin up i still see the
barren sky on a dull grey starless night..

Back bend, legs ache in rheumatic pain,
the struggle the strife, the toil,in pursuit
to earn the bricks,has inexorably taken
its toll..
In angst i cry and emote a million times;
surely my body ,cant take no more..

Bit by Bit the roof needs to be thatched,
so as it may occlude me from the searing
sun and its blistering U V rays..
Day after Day i sleep and wake up in
hope of a few sunless days..

Meal only once; litres of water drunk,
my puku felt like a pool, in need and
in so much missing just a healthy trout..
It felt like months,years,or the entire
life; i have surely lost the count..

Finally, I surely cant be dreaming, as i
pinch myself, eyes open and am searching
for the sky..
This entire life its been the only Friend,
whose never left my sight,feeling betrayed,
i still stare, till sanity strikes again..

The earthiness of the land that is but my
and my own,the safety of four walls,
the surety of the thatched roof,
teardrops trickle down my eyes,
hands in unison join,gathering the
will i put my dry parched tongue to work,
say a prayer and thank the lord..
For a homeless finally has a home
which he can proudly call his own.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

love sighted!!

Its almost 11.15 in the night , i have reached at a friends place
to accompany him to drop his girlfriend who had been visiting him
for a couple of days.. Its 14th of feb.. yup its valentines day,
the train is scheduled to depart at 11.30pm leaving us with just
15 minutes to load up and reach the station, fasten your seat belts
i declare n race towards the railway station,we reach there
with just about few minutes to spare,hurriedly they got off the car
and it is time for good byes,as she turned to wave a bye to me i
noticed something , something in her eyes that caught my imagination
and held my attention almost instantly.. her eyes seemed to me ,
as two large emoticons : precise in the emotion that they wanted to put forth..
An emotion so cherished and sought after by each and everyone of us..
An emotion which though has no defination and yet is the defining
feeling in the world.. That particular expression i saw in her eyes,
begs on me to be audacious enough and write about it.. and emboldens me to
term it as "love"..

It was a sight!! A sight to see two people in love and one leaving..

The moistness in ones eyes and the urgency in one's face ; trying
to conceal and deceive one and sundry of the pain he was going through..

One leaving wanting to carry all ; and the other wanting to give
more than what one could carry..

One carrying the love that the other had given ; and the other
impervious to the love he had and could have yet given..

One wanting to hold on to times ; and the other
wanting to carry the times within thyself..

One piqued at the imperativeness
to leaving ; and one piqued at the need for the other to be imperative..

One who has not much baggage but yet has weight ; and the other
who finds it heavy to carry the weight that the other is leaving behind..

Sometimes just a sigh can express more than a whole sermon.. all that
i felt and saw in their eyes at that instant touched me to the
core and still rankles me when i write this..

I do hope and pray for the trueness of their emotions to always stay there
and the burden of their respective blurred future prospects does not cast a
veil on their relationship, that ought to be so so cherished..
Words fail me in putting forth the exact picture , but even with jagged
edges and obscurity of vision that mite impair anyone who reads this..
One thing is for sure ; to fall in love and the love to be requited by
the lover is just divine!!