the tittle of the blog came about as randomly, as the rain that day,with every drop on the windscreen the vision got blurred,and in an instant it became a metaphor for life!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Truth n Dare.

Its almost One at night , sitting in the patio ,
on the brink of exhaustion ; we four friends
still wine and dine..
While the three of them play cards , I fix
myself a drink , a book in hand , legs
stretched read and unwind..

There a few yards from us is sitting a
group of four couples ; young , effervescent
sloshed , hooked in love? maybe i presume..
Few yards that's it ; A generation lets face it,
not wanting to pry , they talk in a pitch inebriated
and high , heady guys with a heady life : to them
god has been to kind!!surely i assume..

Truth n Dare is their game , been frens for years;
there is hardly much to bare..
Sitting there i for a bit am enchanted , same game
us old forgotten players ; life is so not fair..

They dare and bare , i hear and am almost there,
almost there is though too much , they are
living a life , I've lost in the grind; when
truth was bread and earning it a dare..

No sooner i realized , nostalgia leaves
you no where , its fun if you smile and say;
Cheers!! life's great n thank god it isn't a scare.

Set and Rise.

The sky is thick , not a single star pops out,
The moon has a day off ; perhaps for a night
it has other places to shine..

The water still n placid , the gentle Breeze
tired by the days efforts ; has lost its breadth
with it its will too ,Its romance with the
water has ceased ; surprised!! its only nine..

The hills overpowering , the trees on its skin
vivid and vibrant , having played with the
sunlight the entire day are veiled..

The boats after their days efforts to
plough the placid lake are back fatigued
Would have to work again ;their days efforts
wasted with not much yeild..

I am sitting at the deck ,with freinds and
without them ; observant , analytical , injesting
all ; for i dont know? when to expect the night
to dawn on me and the sun never to rise again..

It will , It will , It shall happen someday
till then i am happy to set and rise again.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


A simple staid life
All was taken care.

Deep inside though
Buried a perception
Few lines , a sketch
not yet fully made ;
perchance its a face.

A face perennial ,endearing
metaphysical ,ambrosial
and chaste ,nested since
childhood ,hid behind the
scarlet blood in thy veins.

In life's race and its fast pace
Sometimes in sorrow and in pain
Sometimes in happiness and
when gay
Unoccluded it usurps
Even if for a wink i am
able to have my way.

Years roll by and Glimpses
Of it is what i get
I search ,scratch try
to beget.
With wistful eyes
i look around
Athwarted i Search
The verdant ground.

Alas!!someday i will
see the face
An old bard then :
I shall finally have
my grace