the tittle of the blog came about as randomly, as the rain that day,with every drop on the windscreen the vision got blurred,and in an instant it became a metaphor for life!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Truth n Dare.

Its almost One at night , sitting in the patio ,
on the brink of exhaustion ; we four friends
still wine and dine..
While the three of them play cards , I fix
myself a drink , a book in hand , legs
stretched read and unwind..

There a few yards from us is sitting a
group of four couples ; young , effervescent
sloshed , hooked in love? maybe i presume..
Few yards that's it ; A generation lets face it,
not wanting to pry , they talk in a pitch inebriated
and high , heady guys with a heady life : to them
god has been to kind!!surely i assume..

Truth n Dare is their game , been frens for years;
there is hardly much to bare..
Sitting there i for a bit am enchanted , same game
us old forgotten players ; life is so not fair..

They dare and bare , i hear and am almost there,
almost there is though too much , they are
living a life , I've lost in the grind; when
truth was bread and earning it a dare..

No sooner i realized , nostalgia leaves
you no where , its fun if you smile and say;
Cheers!! life's great n thank god it isn't a scare.

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