the tittle of the blog came about as randomly, as the rain that day,with every drop on the windscreen the vision got blurred,and in an instant it became a metaphor for life!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Randomly picked up from VIKRAM SETH'S poems these quatrains are my way of expressing emotions within the constraint of four lines..:)


I will be cheery ,funny ,and bright..
Not a word dull ,morass ,of past i will remind..
I shall floor you with my humour and wit..
For how to keep the tears inside,i have finally learnt d trick.


My love..I love your beady eyes,I love the lock of falling hair.
I love those high cheekbones,I love the pouting lips and no nose ware.
I am lost in the mole below your chin,For i find it rare.
Please don't play wid my heart,For in love i ain't acquiesced wid d phrase beware.


Two worlds on either side of the door,gaping at it i am not sure.
Relative safety of the abode i am in,safe and secure behind the enormous shut door.
Unsure of what to expect,convinced of a world grotesque n basilisk i dare.
Unpenitent;i step wid my kiddie toes,its my first step; n instantly i am a kid no more.


The message count drops from fifty to five..
A call a day just to keep things kicking and alive..
Few minutes you have,Fewer minutes you share and confide..
Love is somewhere lost ,sweetheart;and that's what you are trying to hide.


Dangling steps left and right,the trapeze artist walks a tight line..
With every step,drawing ooh,aah and sighs..
Vacillating in step and in memory..
For moving on is his only choice ,life ain't stationery.


Hey get up; its time for your feed, hey get up; you are late for ur school.
Hey get up; interview lined up, Hey get up; its a date you fool.
Hey get up; its just an hour n u will be married soon , hey a son it is; get up don't sleep.
Hey get up; the cycle continues, till one day; its no more getting up , and all sit and weep.


Yes he loves us,Yes he loves us ,God loves us;we all hear and say..
In joy and despair,we ought to be the same..
Accept the troubles smile,strive and pray..
For all his love;God knows just to give and never lay a claim.

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